The first of it's kind, a Metaverse based digital pet platform with NFT integration to commoditize in game items and abilities. Join us on Telegram today!

Contract: 0xF2AB1027152aF6f0b6BB30bEcf60d45450A9eAF3


5% redistributed to all holders 5% to burned liquidity


Set slippage to 12% to ensure trades process seamlessly.

Where to buy

BeaverInu (TICKER: BEAV) can currently be bought and traded on Pancakeswap.

Total Supply

1,000,000,000,000,000 BEAV


633,861,375,858,249 BEAV (63 %)

A roadway to our Beaver Lodge

Collecting Wood

Shaping Wood

Laying Wood


BeaverInu (BEAV) is a community project being advanced by volunteers of all backgrounds.  Everyone is welcome to participate and join in our adventure!

Our primary method of communication is Telegram, click the link above and join the conversation/development/advertising efforts!

We aim to development and launch a Metaverse type virtual pet platform game, with in game NFT item and ability integration, NFT minting and in game trading. 


Community MEMES